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My chronic scalp psoriasis was misdiagnosed three times by doctors


Scalp psoriasis syfferer, Lydia Austin,33, an office service co-ordinator from York is married to Jamie, 35, a company director and they have one 14 month old daughter.

Lydia says:

“I have actually had scalp psoriasis since I was 16, but only had it diagnosed correctly about a year ago. I was told by doctors that it was at first dandruff, then an allergic reaction to shampoo and then that it was eczema.

For years I have suffered with a really bad itchy, flaky scalp and I tried all the anti dandruff products on the market which were prescribed by my doctor, who was convinced that it was fungal dandruff. Obviously these shampoos made my scalp much worse as they have really strong anti-fungal agents in them.

After moving home and changing doctors again, I was then sent to the hospital for some skin tests to see if I was allergic to any products but the results were negative.

[quote]The consultant at the hospital said I had eczema on my scalp and prescribed me with a steroid foam to put on my scalp (using gloves) every day. It really stung to the point that I was almost crying and my husband had to put it on for me and it just made my scalp even worse.[/quote]

Luckily we decided to start a family so I made the decision to stop using the steroid mouse while trying to get pregnant as I didn’t want chemicals in my system when trying for a baby.

Amazingly I was pregnant with my daughter my scalp condition disappeared which was such a relief as my itchy head usually made me feel very irritable and I would scratch my head to bleed if left untreated.

But after my pregnancy my psoriasis came back with a vengeance and my scalp was hideous. It would bleed because I would scratch it so badly. It made me irritated all the time. My scalp was burning all the time. I was living in a nightmare. I was bad tempered and I would hurt the people around me with my bad mood. It made me feel really low as nothing was working.

I went back to the hospital where a different consultant finally diagnosed psoriasis but again prescribed steroids.

I could not stand putting the steroids on my scalp again as it was so unpleasant so I gave up with doctors and decided to treat myself.

I was doing lots of research and then my mum saw an article in the newspaper about Oregon Grape Root hair products for psoriasis.

I ordered the Oregon shampoo, conditioner and scalp spray. They were lovely to use and didn’t sting at all.

[quote] To my amazement my scalp psoriasis cleared up within about 4-5 washes. It took about three weeks for my scalp to clear.[/quote]

I have been using the products now  it for about 10 months and my scalp is 100%clear, its incredible. I feel like I have been cured and it has changed my whole personality as I am much happier and less irritable now. It’s a complete relief.”

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