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My cold sores made me hate my reflection


Carol Bell, 56, from Norwich suffered from severe out breaks of cold sores every six weeks  for 35 years until she discovered a balm made from Liquorice.

Carol says:

When I had a cold sore outbreak I’d have to avoid all mirrors as they looked so awful. I’d hide behind scarves and always worse my hair down to try and hide them.

But I’d still get horrified looks from strangers when they saw my mouth. My lips and the area around my moth would be covered in huge fluid-filled blisters.

I got my first cold sore when I was 20, I caught the Herpes Virus from my then husband. I’d be so upset by my cold sores I used to cancel social plans, I hated going into work and I even dreaded the school pick up when I had the sores at their worst. I felt like the ugly mum at school and worried my kids would be embarrassed of how I looked.

I tried everything prescribed to me by my GP, even trying anti-viral tablets and a whole variety of ointments. But after several years I realised that conventional medicine just wasn’t working for me.

[quote]By the time I was in my 30’s I was so desperate to find a cure I even resorted to old wives tales. I tried ridiculous things like dunking my head in a bowel of iced water, I smeared my lips with lavender oil, dabbed them with neat vodka and even, stupidly, try the old myth of putting perfume on my cold sores. It burned like crazy and actually ended up permanently scarring my lips.[/quote]

In my 50’s the outbreaks became more frequent and would last for up to ten days. My whole mouth would be stinging and the sores were accompanied by extreme tiredness. I felt my life was being taken over by my cold sores. I had to drink warn drinks through a straw when they were at their worse as it was too painful to drink normally. I used to talk with my hand over my mouth.

But in November 2011 during a particularly harsh outbreak of cold sores, a friend read something about a lip balm containing liquorice that had been shown in studies to get rid of cold sores. I was on it immediately and found the research on line and then found the company who made the liquorice balm that had been used in the trial.

[quote]I ordered a pot of Liquorice Balm right away, it arrived the next day and within 10 minutes of slathering the liquorice balm on my lips the stinging stopped. The next day the blisters on my lips had shrunk considerably. Within five days all the cold sores had disappeared.[/quote]

I could not believe it, it seemed miraculous. Could this really be a cure after almost four decades of trying to find something that got rid of my cold sores?

I didn’t dare hope that this could be true. However I have being using the Liquorice Balm three times a day and have not had another cold sore since that last outbreak back in 2011. I am beyond delighted and I would recommend anyone who gets cold sores to try this balm, it is truly incredible.”

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