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My rosacea skin almost matched my red hair


Rosacea tends to affects fair skinned people more than olive skinned people and in particular people with red hair. The condition is far more common in Northern European countries and in the UK it’s more common in Irleland and Scotland than in the south of the country.

Fiona Austin, 45, a divorced hypnotherapist from London, has skin and hair tones that are typical of rosacea sufferers

Fiona says;

I’m Irish and red haired so I have very fair and sensitive skin.

But after having my second child seven years ago I started to developed hyper sensitive skin and was getting red flushed cheeks all the time.

My skin also became really spotty.  My skin got worse and worse and I was diagnosed with acne rosacea a year later.

[quote] Over the last five years, especially during my divorce, my skin has been constantly erupting in red furious spotty rashes.[/quote]

I find so many skin care products and cosmetics make my skin flare up, it’s a nightmare. After my divorce I bought a holiday home in Spain and spend a lot of my time there with my children.

However the stress from my divorce plus the sun and frequently applied sun creams were making my skin go crazy.

Even after a bit of sun, my skin would flare up a brilliant red all evening so that at times my skin almost looked the same colour as my hair.

Sun creams with higher factors would make my skin react for several days, making my whole face red and swollen. Also any alcohol would also leave me red faced.

I have tried a number of anti-acne treatments for my skin and I also tried a peel to try to even my skin tone. The peel evened my skin out a bit but the spots and redness seemed to be getting worse.

[quote]By chance a friend of mine had tried KALME skincare for her skin and she recommend that I try some. She actually gave me her KALME sun cream to try as we were out for an outdoor lunch in Spain one hot sunny day. I had forgotten my hat and I was desperate for some sun cream but was frightened to use any on my skin as it was so sensitive and most sun creams bring me out in even more spots.  [/quote]

The KALME Day Defence SPF25 was instantly soothing on my skin and I did not react at all. As soon as I got home I ordered the whole KALME range.

That was six months ago and now my skin looks fantastic. The redness has virtually gone and no longer have any acne. I find the cleanser and the night cream from the KALME range particularly effective and the day cream is brilliant as it means I can now wear sun protection when I am inSpainwithout worrying.

I also have a new product from the KALME range called Undercoat, which is a de-sensitising cream. I put this on before I use any cosmetics or high factor sun creams and it makes my skin much less sensitive. I have been able to wear SPF50 creams without getting any acne, I am so relieved.

I’m delighted with the Kalme products. I was told there was no real cure for acne rosacea but I seem to have found one. I use Kalme products every day to control the redness and sensitivity and my skin is now as clear and calm most of the time.

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