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My rosacea was so sensitive to sun that I can’t even stand in a window


Rosacea is often triggered by sun and heat but some sufferers are more sensitive to the sun than others.  Here rosacea sufferer Katy Frost, 48, from Sheffield tells how the sun played havoc with her skin until she she found a cure in capers.















Katy says;

“I have had rosacea for ten years. It’s been the bane of my life.  I have really dry red and spotty skin across my cheeks and nose. I was prescribed steroid creams, which actually made my face redder and more sensitive than it was before.

[quote]If I get in the sun or stand next to any kind of heat, even sun through a window, like in the car, my whole face goes bright red like a tomato. Even a trip to the supermarket if I get hot sets my skin off.[/quote]

The summer is a nightmare. I can’t really think of going on a summer holiday. When its hot I have to stay always indoors in the cool otherwise my face just sets on fire. I used to be a sun worshiper, but now I can’t go into the sun at all, not even for a walk.

I also can’t use any face creams as my skin flares up with almost everything I use. I have to scrutinise every product for its ingredients, as I am so terrified of what I put on my skin.

Last year my rosacea flared up worse than even before and I was desperate for something to calm my skin down as I was sick of not being able to enjoy the summer like everyone else. My face felt like it was on fire the whole time. My skin was so sensitive I couldn’t use soap or even put water on my face as it makes my skin feels very tight and flare red.

I heard about KALME products for rosacea, which contain an extract of capers, through a friend as everyone knew I was desperate to find something to calm my skin down.

[quote]As soon as I used the KALME cream my face calmed down immediately. I knew it was going to work from the second I tried it. All other creams sting when I put them on.[/quote]

The KALME products are brilliant, my skin never reacts to them and they have an instant calming effect. I have never looked back since I started using them and people say my skin looks better now than it has in years. I look younger and less stressed. I’m delighted.

I’m hoping this summer I will be able to enjoy the weather a bit more and maybe even go on some day trips to the seaside. I’ll never be able to sunbath again I don’t think but I least I might be able to enjoy the summer weather without having to rush home as my face has turned into a red lollipop.”

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