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New discovery finds possible cure for sunburn and other inflamed and itchy skin conditions


New research has discovered the molecule in the skin that causes the burning hot pain of sunburn.

sun burnScientists found that when they blocked or inhibited the molecule, called TRPV4, the painful effects of sunburn were decreased.

[quote]The new study, published in the August edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), concluded that the discovery could lead to effective treatments not only for sunburn pain but also for the pain of other inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema.[/quote]

Sunburn is caused by over exposure ultraviolet B or UVB radiation. The sun is actually beneficial to skin in moderation as it provides vitamin D that helps improves mood and also for bone health.

The research found that UV exposure activates TRPV4, which then has a chain reaction in the skin causing an influx of calcium ions and activation of another molecule called endothelin. Endothelin is known to cause skin pain and itching.

The researchers then formulated a topical chemical solution applied to the skin that was able to TRPV4 from over producing. The results were reduced itching and pain in the damaged skin.

The scientists concluded that although this was an exciting breakthrough, more tests to see what other effects to the body result from blocking TRPV4 needed to be carried out before progress could be made on making a TRPV4 inhibiting skin protection cream based on this new science.



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