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New Hydrosil shampoo kicks post-holiday dry scalp flaking


There is nothing worse than returning from a lovely summer holiday with a flaking scalp. Post-holiday dry scalp dandruff is a common problem, and can last for several weeks after your holiday.

HYDROSILUnlike normal dandruff, which is caused by fungus, dry scalp dandruff is caused by a very dry scalp.

Sunburn to the scalp, chlorine in pools, cheap hotel shampoos and shower gels, holiday abrasives like sand or salt and excessive sweating and dehydration can all cause the scalp to become very dry and itchy.

[quote]However dry scalp flaking is often mistaken for normal fungal dandruff; but according to leading London trichologist Tony Maleedy, summer dry scalps can actually be made worse by anti-fungal agents in anti-dandruff shampoos.[/quote]

Hydrosil is our new natural shampoo for very dry and sensitive scalps containing pure scalp-conditioning honey and an extract of a Skri Lankan vine known for its anti-dryness and anti-itching actions has been developed by Tony Maleedy and trialed at Bath University.

Hydrosil is designed specifically to help with dry or sensitive scalps. It contains three ingredients designed to cleanse and restore moisture to the scalp and clear skin flakes without causing additional drying to the scalp.

The shampoo’s two main ingredients are pure honey extract which is well known as an intense natural moisturiser for the hair and scalp tissues and a tree vine extract called cardiospermum, which has been studied in more than 12 published trials, including one recent UK trial, for its medicinal effects on inflammatory dry skin.

itchy scalpIn addition, a unique ingredient in Hydrosil is a natural foaming agent made from sugar beet. Unlike the harsh foaming agents in conventional anti-dandruff shampoos, namely Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), sugar beet does not cause irritation or inflammation to sensitive skin, while still producing a rich lather.

Apart from the moisturising, anti-flaking and anti-inflammatory ingredients, the shampoo’s Ph balance is 6, which is very close to the skin’s natural Ph of 5. Most over-the-counter anti-dandruff shampoos have a very high Ph to help kill the dandruff fungus, but this high Ph is too harsh for sufferers of dry scalp and can actually make the flaking worse.

[quote]Tony Maleedy says: “The results of the trial show a very high success rate with Hydrosil not only for clearing the scalp of flakes caused by dryness but also preventing any underlying erythema (inflammation) and causing a marked reduction in irritation and sensitivity of the scalp.”[/quote]

New Hydrosil is FREE from SLS, parabens and perfumes.

 Skin Shop’s new Hydrosil is available for £5.95 for 250ml 



  • Jenni Allison

    Hi there
    Is Hydrosil gentle enough for coloured, mature hair as ordinary shampoos tend to strip the colour, plus are there any nut products in it ?

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