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New Serum re-grows thinning or flaky eyebrows


Thin eyebrows from over-plucking or eyebrow loss from conditions such as eye eczema or eyebrow dermatitis are a common problem.

Over-plucking eyebrows is an easy mistake to make, and yet in many cases it’s a mistake that can effect you for the rest of your life as eyebrows do not always grow back.

[quote] In addition dry and brittle skin conditions such as eye eczema or eyebrow dermatitis and psoriasis can cause the delicate eyebrow hairs to fall out or thin. Eyebrows can also become thinner due simply to age.[/quote]

However a new natural eyebrow enhancing serum claims it can repair and re-grow over-plucked, flaky or thinning brows using a combination of vitamins, amino acids, proteins and fruit extracts.

The serum, called Rapid Brow, costs £37 for a small bottle but promises over 100% improvement of the appearance of thinning or lack lustre eyebrows in less than two months.

The eyebrow serum was tested on 61 women, mainly in their 40s, 50s and 60s, over a five-month period. 90% said the density of their eyebrows increased after use, while 75% said that their eyebrows were thicker and 63% said their brows were longer.


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