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New Silver Serum is Smart Bomb for acne & acne rosacea


It’s a misconception that bacteria is bad for acne.

The skin has both bad AND good bacteria living on its surface. It’s the bad bacteria that leads to acne, but the good bacteria is essential for healthy and youthful skin.

Although the underlying causes of acne and acne rosacea may vary, inflammation and puss is caused by bad skin bacteria getting into small acne lesions or blocked pores.

[quote]Our NEW Silver Serum from Skin Shop is the first ‘smart’ anti-acne skin treatment that contains a patented form of silver called MicroSilver ™ that specifically seeks out and kills bad skin bacteria while leaving good skin bacteria in tact.[/quote]

The problem with anti-acne skin treatments is that they kill ALL skin bacteria, both bad and good. So yes they get rid of the spots, but they leave the skin extremely dry and flaky. Skin needs good skin bacteria to stay healthy and balanced.  This is particularly important for people with adult acne as the harsh anti-bacterial agents in treatments aimed primarily at teens can leave adult skin extremely dry and can lead to premature ageing.

Silver Serum is also designed to remain active on the skin for several hours after application, so keeping acne lesions constantly guarded against becoming populated with bad skin bacteria.

We asked one of our Skin Shop customers and acne sufferer to test Silver Serum to see how it performed

How quickly did Silver Serum work?

Our tester found that her symptoms improved after a week by about 40%. After two weeks improvement was even better at 70%.

How often was it necessary to use Silver Serum?

Our tester applied Silver Serum twice a day, morning and before bed, to her entire face

What the evidence that Silver Serum works?

MicroSilver ™ has been found in two studies to reduce inflammation and infection in skin lesions.

MicroSilver ™ , was found to be effective at reducing the severity and symptoms of skin infection in 70% of patients after a two-week trial period.

In a longer trial involving patients with severe skin infection, 93% were able to come off other medicated treatments after applying MicroSilver ™ to their infected skin.

What’s in Silver Serum

Silver Serum contains 0.1% MicroSilver ™ ingredient and stays active on the skin for up to eight hours.

What does Silver Serum do?

Silver Serum helps reduce infection and inflammation of blocked pores, small surface pimples & blackheads. It can also help reduce acne symptoms associated with acne rosacea.

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  • Nigel Snowden

    Hi I have been using the Silver Serum for my acne rosacea and I want to say that its absolutely fantastic and I am so happy that finally I have managed to get this skin condition under control and now my skin is so much better and improving all the time. I would certainly highly recommend it to anyone that is unfortunate to have this condition.

  • Polly

    I bought this for my 15yr old as she has suffered for 2 years with constant bad skin after non of the prescribed acne/antibiotic creams worked. She has only been using it for 5 days and her skin is practically spot free (she only has 1 remaining)!!! All the existing ones have gone, just some redness remaining, and no new outbreaks. She already feels more confident and is wearing less makeup. AMAZING!!!!

    • Rory

      That is such great news. I’m really pleased you’ve had success 🙂

  • Madelein

    Where can I buy this for my 17 year old son in Gauteng JHB

  • Laura

    Hi looking for advice if anyone can help where would I find a free sample of silver serum need it asap

  • Louise

    I have just purchased this for my 15 year old son – he’s used a topical cream for 5 weeks which has totally flared his skin up, he’s also on antibiotics. We’ve decided to stop the topical cream & use this. I’m hoping for a good result after reading all the reviews. His acne is severe, only after using the cream from the dermatologist – very disappointed! Fingers crossed the silver serum helps.


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