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New spray-on skin could help heal leg ulcers


Leg ulcers are a very common problem, but a  new hi tec spray on skin could cut healing time of leg ulcers by up to 50%, according to a new report.

The new ‘skin spray’ is made from skin cells suspended in blood clotting proteins, which are then sprayed directly onto the ulcer.

Leg ulcers are caused by pressure or swelling of the veins, often caused by heart or circulatory problems as well as diabetes.

[quote]Leg ulcers affect 1 in every 500 people in theUK.[/quote]

In research published in the August edition of The Lancet medical journal, the new skin spray helped ulcers close up over 20 days earlier than without the spray.

Of  the patients using the spray, over 50% saw their leg ulcers heal within three months.




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