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New study finds bacteria can help prevent acne and improve skin


New research has found that instead of simply killing all bacteria that causes acne, as is typical of standard anti-acne treatments, actually increasing strains of certain good skin bacteria can held ward off acne.

The new study, carried out by scientists at the University of California in LA and published in the March edition of the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, found that while ‘bad’ strains of bacteria that live in skin pores cause acne, good strains of skin bacteria, called P. acnes, can actually help prevent acne and also protect skin by inhibiting the growth of bad skin bacteria.

The scientists compared the good ‘acne’ bacteria as being similar to the good bacteria found in live yoghurt that can help protect the gut and keep bad gut bacteria from multiplying.

In DNA samples taken from the nose skin of both acne sufferers and volunteers with clear skin. The bacteria taken from skin suffering from acne looked very different to the skin taken from people with clear skin.

[quote]Two  unique strains of bacteria were consistently found in the skin DNA taken from acne sufferers that was not found in skin DNA from clear skin. A third strain of P.acnes. bacteria was found, but only in the skin DNA of test subjects with clear skin, which suggested that a higher presence of ‘good’ skin bacteria is present in the skin of people with clear skin, while a higher presence of bad skin bacteria is present in the skin of people suffering from acne.[/quote]

The scientists concluded that a higher presence of ‘good’ skin bacteria gives the skin a natural defence mechanism with which to attack and destroy bad skin bacteria before it has a chance to infect pores and cause acne. This new finding, they concluded, could lead to new skin treatments that focused on only destroying bad skin bacteria while preserving good skin bacteria to help tackle acne.

[quote]Skin Shop’s Silver Serum is one of the fist ‘smart’ treatments to tackle acne using the concept of good and bad skin bacteria. Silver Serum contains an ingredient in it that  preserves and protects good skin bacteria while inhibiting bad skin bacteria.[/quote] New Silver Serum contains a patented form of silver called MicroSilver ™ that specifically seeks out and destroys bad skin bacteria while leaving good skin bacteria in tact.

As the new research concludes, skin needs good skin bacteria to stay healthy and balanced as well as to fight the growth of bad skin bacteria.  This is particularly important for people with adult acne as the harsh anti-bacterial agents kill ALL skin bacteria and can leave adult skin extremely dry, which may lead to premature ageing.

Silver Serum is also designed to remain active on the skin for up to eight hours after application, so keeping skin pores constantly guarded against becoming populated with bad skin bacteria t hat can lead to infection and acne.

MicroSilver ™ has been found in two studies to reduce inflammation and infection in open skin lesions.

MicroSilver ™ , was found to be effective at reducing the severity and symptoms of pore infection in 70% of patients after a two-week trial period.

In a longer trial involving patients with severe pore infection, 93% were able to come off other medicated treatments after applying MicroSilver ™ to their infected skin.

Silver Serum helps reduce infection and inflammation of blocked pores, small surface pimples & blackheads. It can also help reduce acne symptoms associated with acne rosacea.

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