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New survey finds typical children’s eczema cream ‘stingy’


A new survey of 100 British children treated with the well renowned aqueous cream has found it irritated over 50% of them and for a small amount of children it actually made them scream.

4 July, 2008 – 14:58

The survey, carried out by Dr Michael Cork, a skin specialist at Sheffield Children’s Hospital and published inThe Pharmaceutical Journal, found that young children suffering from eczema experienced redness, itching and stinging after using the aqueous cream, while other emollient creams irritated 17 % of the children.

Approximately 20% of UK children are now estimated to suffer from eczema, compared to just 5% fifty years ago. Skin disease charities suggest that part of the reason for this rise is the increase in use of soaps, shower gels and baby wipes containing harsh foaming agents and perfumed irritants.

The key to managing childhood eczema, according to skin experts, is moisturising not washing.


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