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Next-generation SPF protects against third ray HEVL, a new threat to exposed skin



We all know that UVA and UVB sun rays damage skin. What’s not so well known is a 3rd type of harmful ray called High Energy Visible Light (HEVL).

in sun 2HEVL are basically rays produced in straight daylight, whether its sunny or just light, these harmful rays can damage exposed skin.

Although HEVL is a less well known ray, it’s an important one as it causes as much damage as UVA and UVB combined together.

Some sunglasses now protect against HEVL but most modern SPF skin products do NOT yet protect against it.

hevlwebA NEW sun cream has been developed  that’s one of the first skincare products to protect against HEVL.

New HEVL SPF50 Face Crème by Skin Shop offers 3-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB and HEVL.

HEVL SPF50 Face Crème contains a new patented ingredient called Liposhield™ HEV*, which is one of a new generation of SPF ingredients to specifically protect skin against harmful HEVL rays.

It also contains prebiotics to help strengthen and maintain the natural skin barrier.

HEVL SPF 50 Face Crème is a light non-greasy face cream with a skin-coloured tint.

HEVL SPF 50 Face Crème is FREE from MI, SLS, parabens and perfumes and costs £19.95 (50ml).

Facts about the Harmful Effects of HEVL

– HEVL is high-frequency light in the violet/blue band from 400-500 nm in the visible spectrum.

– HEVL is responsible for 50% of the oxidative stress from sun exposure which is equal to the amount generated by UVA (46%) and UVB (4%) combined

–  HEVL promotes indirect DNA skin cell damage from oxidative stress.

– HEVL activates matrix metalloproteinases (MMP’s) that lead to wrinkle formation and premature aging and can cause uneven skin pigmentation.

– HEVL can reduce skin barrier function

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