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Nothing worked for Kate’s eczema.


Kate had suffered eczema all her life until she tried a gel containing an extract from the balloon vine.

BY Kate 8 December, 2009

“I have had eczema since birth and when I was very little I wore gloves all the time because of scratching myself so much. It used to really upset my Mum as people would look at me and tell her how sorry they were.”

“I suffer from eczema behind my knees and in my arm creases. Occasionally I get in on my face, especially around my lips. It is very hard to conceal this, because I am reluctant to wear buckets of make-up as it just makes it itchier; but at the same time I am very conscious that people are noticing it. My job as a communications manager involves meeting lots of people, and I am so much more confident when my face is eczema free.”

“In the winter I can put plenty of cream on and cover up my arms and legs. In the summer the heat aggravates my eczema and the itching is intolerable. Wearing shorts does help to minimise my clothes irritating it, but I do feel very self-conscious. Many of the sun creams I have used also make the eczema worse.”

“I have tried absolutely everything to heal it from steroid creams to natural remedies but all of them only have a limited effect. The steroids make it go but I hate using them because they have such a damaging effect on my skin.”

“I am very into alternative therapies and once went to have a flotation tank session. I didn’t realise that it contained salt water and I hadn’t put any barrier cream on my eczema. I don’t think I have ever screamed that loudly before!”

“The other natural remedies I have tried have never worked for me, so I was very keen to try Cardiospermum Gel when I read about the trial in the paper. The gel immediately soothed my skin and took the itch away completely. This is really important for me because I have always made my eczema ten times worse by itching it so much. Once you start itching it is very hard to stop because you make the skin all hot- further making it itch.”

“My eczema is very well under control at the moment. I use the Cardiospermum gel twice a day and keep it with me so that if I ever get an attack of the itches I can soothe it before I make it any worse.”

“I’m very happy with the gel because I know that it is a natural product and that it is very gentle, and my skin looks much less raw and angry because I am not itching it.”

“Since having such success with it myself I have since given some to my niece who is 10 years old and suffers, like me, from eczema. The gel has had the same effect on her skin as it did on mine and she now uses it every day like me to keep her eczema under control.”

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