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Oat Soak – bath time relief for very dry skin


Oat Soak bath sachets from Skin Shop are an ingeniously simple way of giving itchy and irritated eczema prone or dry skin all the healing benefits from oats, without your bath looking like a large bowel of porridge.

Oats have been used for thousands of years as a skin soothing aide and even today, many doctors still recommend that children and adults with eczema or very dry skin try soaking their skin in a mixture of oats and water.

Oats are widely recognised as being an excellent and 100% natural product for soothing itchy and dry skin, calming down inflammation and restoring smoothness to skin.

Oats can help soothe all irritating skin conditions including eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, dermographism, shingles, heat rash, nettle rash and can even help soothe sunburn.

What is Oat Soak? 

Our Oat Soak bath sachets are made from pure colloidal oats, which are a finer form of oats that can remain suspended in the water, making Oat Soak pleasant to soak in and easy to wash away with your bath water much like any other bath product.

Oat Soak is  product for helping you soothe itchy skin. Used regularly it will help soothe irritated, itchy skin and restore moisture and smoothness to dry, flaky or scaly skin.

Leave Oat Soak in the bath water for up to 10 minutes before getting in, then soak in the oat water until skin feels soothed and smooth.

What’s the evidence that Oat Soak works?

Oats contain up to 20 times more silica in them than other plants. Silica is a cross-linking agent that helps strengthen skin and gives it elasticity and smoothness.

Oats also contain an active extract called avena sativa, which has been shown in several studies to help reduce skin irritation and inflammation.

What is Oat Soak like to use?

Having an oat bath can be a very messy business, which is why most people don’t even try and attempt it.

Our Skin Shop customer and tester found that Oat Soak bath sachets were really easy to use  and did not leave any residue in the bath after use.

How effective is Oat Soak?

Our tester found that Oat Soak was best used before bed to prevent night ithcing. Itching was immediately soothed and made sleep easier and less disturbed. Skin was also smoother the next day and less irritated. The conclusion was that Oat Soak is a brilliant product to compliment any other treatments for eczema and dry skin.


Oat Soak costs £1.99 per single sachet or £9.99 for 10 sachets. Click here for more information.



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