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Question: I am almost 45 years old and love to be outdoors, but my skin is really starting to look weather-beaten and wrinkled. Is there anything you can recommend to give it a boost?

17 September, 2008 – 13:46

Answer: For anyone who loves the outdoors, keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy is a real concern, because 95% of all skin damage is caused by the sun’s rays.

The sun creates unstable particles in the skin called free radicals which attack the body’s tissue. This type of skin ageing is known as oxidative stress.

Free radicals are incomplete molecules which go on the rampage through the body. In order for them to survive they must take what they need from complete molecules.

This causes microscopic damage to cells, eventually resulting in wrinkles, low energy levels and possibly early senility.

But all is not lost! In order to help prevent this, you could introduce antioxidants into the body.

Scientists have discovered that antioxidants can counteract the action of free radicals, helping to slow down the ageing process.

Vitamins C, E and A are all antioxidants but for a more potent super antioxidant you could take a look at Co-enzyme Q10.

Research shows that Co-enzyme Q10 is 25 times more powerful than vitamin C and is one of the most powerful antioxidants on the market.

Pyconogenol is derived from French maritime pine tree bark and is proven to help the skin from UV damage and inflammation.

The Q10 revitalizing face cream also contains SPF15 to provide extra protection from damaging UV rays.


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