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Raspberry Jelly soothes sunburn


You might think of raspberries as being more at home on the top of your ice cream Sunday than on your skin, but in fact they could be a new weapon against the damaging effects of sunburn.

BY News Editor 17 July, 2007

New research, carried out at Ohio State University in the US, found that a jelly made from black raspberries, a close relation of the common raspberry, rubbed on to the skin not only brought down the inflammation of the skin when it was burned by the sun but may also help slow the growth, spread and number of skin cancers caused by UVB (ultraviolet) light.

Black raspberry contains anthacyanins, which are strong antioxidants and are what give the fruit their dark crimson colour. IN animal tests skin damage rose by 500% when exposed to high levels of UVB light, but by only 37% in skin protected by the raspberry gel.

The gel was found not only to ease the pain of sun damage to the skin but to actually help reverse the damage caused.

Ouch! Time for some Raspberry Jelly

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