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Scientist invents first tattoo removal cream


How to remove a tattoo is a big problem with few easy solutions, until now.

A scientist from Halifax University is convinced he has developed a topical cream that removes tattoos without any pain and without leaving any scarring.

Current tattoo removal results in both as lasers are used to literally burn the tattoo out. The process is painful and usually leads to blistering and scarring of the skin.

But does this cream sound too good to be true? Well the cream is not available to buy just yet but Alec Falkenham, the PhD student who has developed the cream, is adamant it already works in the laboratory and on the tattooed skin of pigs and is now working on a product that can be sold to the general public.

The new tattoo removal cream works by targeting immune response skin cells called macrophages which have been infused with ink and lie dormant under the skin, retaining the appearance of the tattoo.

tatThe cream stimulates production of new macrophages which travel to the site and gather up the old ink infused macrophages to dispose of them via the lymphatic system.

The new cream is currently pending its patent before the next stage of product development can begin.

However the scientist who invented the magical cream believes that in the future this will be a cheap, painless and effective way of removing unwanted tattoos, which will no doubt come as a welcome relief to many!


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