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Question: I’ve heard that silicon supplements are good for your hair and skin. What is silicon and is this true?

17 September, 2008 – 15:01

Answer: Silicon is the second most abundant element on earth after oxygen and an essential trace element in our bodies.

Scientific research shows that silica, a type of silicon, can help to keep our skin looking younger and nails and hair stronger by encouraging our skin to retain more water.

A gradual loss of water in the skin is one of the main causes of ageing. The body uses the water in the skin to move nutrients to the skin’s connective tissues and flush out waste products.

Connective tissues starved of nutrients and surrounded by waste products gradually lose their strength, which results in less elastic skin. This is often the cause of premature wrinkles, brittle nails and weak hair.

It is possible to buy a natural bio-available silicon supplement called Silicea, a pure mineral combination of silicon and water, which allows the body to absorb the vital silicon.

Silicea restores the water content in the connective tissue, allowing essential nutrients to be absorbed more easily and improving skin elasticity.

Silicea is available in a liquid form or as a gel. As a general supplement one tablespoon should be diluted in a glass of water once a day.

For external use, Silicea gel can be applied as a facemask for 10-15 minutes twice daily. It has also been shown to be extremely effective for acne.

For improvements in hair, skin and nails a minimum treatment period of 3 months is recommended.

So, yes, Silicon can be very beneficial for your skin and hair.

It may not halt the ageing process, but it should give your hair a healthy shine and could keep those wrinkles at bay for a little longer!

For further advice, ask at your local health store.


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