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Soap is making a comeback for dry skin


Soaps used to be considered old fashioned and bad for dry skin. But now soaps with milder and more natural ingredients are gaining popularity again with many people preferring them to shower gels and liquid cleansers.

According to recent  reports beauty buyers and sellers, soaps give customers a greater feeling of luxury and value and also tend to cost less and last much longer than liquid gels and cleansers.

Soaps used to be considered as very harsh on the skin and were full of skin stripping chemicals such as surfactants, which are particularly harsh for dry skin sufferers.

However today’s modern soaps are made from natural ingredients and natural lathering ingredients that still give that lovely lather fresh feel to washed skin but are much gentler on the ski.

[quote]Some soaps for dry skin or rough skin may even moisturise  and smooth skin more effectively than liquid gels and cleansers. [/quote]

In addition to the cost and value benefits of soaps, you can also take them as hand baggage when flying without any of the normal restrictions that regulate liquid soaps or cleansers, which makes soap the ideal travelling beauty product.



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