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Spare tyre turned into larger bust


The answers to many women’s prayers may be on the verge of being granted with a new technique that takes fat from the tummy and turns it into larger breasts.

BY Amy Anderson 9 July, 2007

The pioneering research, which could be available within a year, uses stem cell harvesting techniques to ‘grow’ fat within the breast tissue causing the breast to swell to up to two cup sizes over a period of a few months and remains a permanent change. And if that wasn’t exciting enough, the fat used to increase the breast size is taken from the stomach area via liposuction techniques, leaving women with flatter tummies and larger breasts.

Currently the technique, known as Celution and patented by US company Cytori, is being used for reconstructive breast augmentation after breast cancer surgery but may soon be available as a more general cosmetic procedure. The technique of harvesting stem cell for cosmetic enhancement is also being investigated for use on the face for ‘plumping out’ wrinkles and hollows which are the typical signs of ageing.

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