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Addressing acne the natural way


Yeast Masque has helped Louise Spence to combat persistent acne problems.

BY Louise Spence 5 June, 2007

“My skin had always been prone to spots since I was a teenager. I trained as a beautician when I was 17 and so learnt a lot more about skin and what helps keep acne under control. I made a lot of changes to my life including eating less junk food, always cleansing morning and night, never going to bed in make up and trying to keep my hair off my face when I slept.”

“All of these have helped with my skin. My skin has greatly improved since I have made these changes and as I have got a bit older, although it is still quite greasy and still do get spots if I’m not careful. However whenever I go on holiday anywhere hot, I immediately break out in really bad spots within a few days of arriving. It’s so depressing because you want to look your best on holiday and especialy when you come back home you want to look tanned and healthy and instead I come back looking spotty and greasy.”

“It’s the extra sweat and all the suntan cream that causes the problem but it’s very hard to avoid. I also tend to be less strict on myself on holiday in terms of what I eat and drink, and so all these things put together causes my skin to get really greasy and as soon as that happens I get bad spots.”

“When I started learning more about skin and skin care products because of my job, I felt worried about how many chemicals I had put on my skin through my teens in order to try and get rid of my spots. Some of the anti-spot treatments are really harsh and leave your skin very dry and flaky. You can smell the chemicals as soon as you open them but when you are a teenager with spots you’ll do just about anything to get rid of them and you don’t think about what damage you are doing to your skin as a result.”

“But now I am a bit older I have definitely started to notice the effects of all those chemicals and my skin is often a bit dry in patches. I worry that I have stripped it of it’s natural oils forever and as I get older my skin will only get dryer as skin tends to dry out as you age. I don’t think teenagers realise how much these anti-acne treatments can damage your skin in the long term.”

“So last year, after a particularly bad outbreak of acne after returning from a holiday in Spain last summer, I decided not to use any more anti-acne treatments from the chemist and to search for something more natural. I tried tea tree oil but that actually gave me spots rather than getting rid of them and I also tried a natural facial I heard about through work which did have a positive effect but was too expensive for me to have as a regular treatment. Over the winter thankfully my skin is never that bad but this year I went on a holiday in March to the Caribbean with my boyfriend and I was dreading breaking out in spots on what was going to be a dream holiday I had been saving up for all year. So I was desperate to find something that would help keep my spots away while on holiday and also when we came home.”

“A friend at work had ordered a natural product for her eczema from a company that she said specialised in natural treatments for problem skin conditions and she said she saw in their brochure that they had just bought out a new product for acne. I looked them up on the internet when I got home and found the new anti-acne treatment made from beer sediment. It sounded revolting but as I read all about how yeast works on getting rid of the bacteria that causes acne it started to sound very convincing. My boss at work also said she’d heard that yeast can help with acne so I decided to give it a go.”

“I was expecting some awful smelling stuff to come out of the tube but in fact the yeast masque smelt quite pleasant, just natural, not at all yeasty. I used it as instructed and went to sleep wondering what my skin would look like in the morning. It looked fine but then I didn’t have many spots at the time so it wasn’t a very good test. I kept on using the masque for a week before our holiday and each day my skin felt smoother and clearer and definitely less greasy but not at all dry.”

“The holiday finally arrived and I used the masque every day throughout the whole two weeks (I had ordered another tube by then) and all I got was one spot on my forehead where I had been wearing a head scarf and it had got very sweaty. I was so impressed. My skin felt clear and supple each morning after I had put the masque on before bed, and even though I sweated quite a lot at night as it was so hot out there, my skin wasn’t greasy in the mornings.”

“I came back home tanned and clear skinned and everyone kept saying how well I looked. I felt like you should feel when you get back from holiday, which is healthy, rested and glowing. I was so impressed with the masque that I now recommend it to all my customers in the salon who have greasy skin. I use the masque every day now and feel perfectly happy doing so as it’s totally natural. It’s definitely improved both the clearness of my skin and the texture, I really am a total devotee of it now and I will never use another harsh anti-spot treatment again.”

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