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Spicy take-aways could cause skin allergies & inflame rosacea


If your skin starts to itch or you develop a rash or turn red after you have eaten a spicy take-away, it could be that you are one of a growing number of people developing skin allergies to the spices in Indian and Oriental food.

Due to an increase in consumption of spicy Asian and Indian food, dermatologists have seen a sharp rise in people with skin allergies to spices, according to new research from theAmericanCollegeof Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in theUS.

Dermatologists believe that current estimates that 3% of the population suffer from spice skin allergies could in fact be an under estimate of the problem.

In addition evidence shows that women are more likely to develop spice skin allergies than men. This could party be explained by the fact that spices in body care and beauty products as well as perfumes worn predominantly by women can add to a build up of the skin’s intolerance to spices.

People with very sensitive skin conditions, in particular rosacea, are highly sensitive to spices in food and skin products and even minimal contact with spiced food or products can cause skin to flare up.


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