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Sun can help eczema


A new study has found that exposure to sun light can actually help improve the symptoms of eczema in children.

Usually sun is associated with making eczema worse as skin dryness, irritation and increased sweating can all make eczema symptoms worse. Some people even suffer from a specific form of eczema, known as photo sensitive dermatitis, which means they are actually allergic to sunlight and that direct sunlight triggers eczema-like symptoms.

[quote]Yet conversely the new study, carried out at Plymouth and ExeterUniversities, found that data gathered on children living in areas of longer and more frequent hours of sun shine were less at risk of developing both eczema and allergies. On average children in the south of the country (where there is less sun on average) were twice as likely to develop eczema as those in the north.[/quote]

The scientists suggested that it was the vitamin D that is gained from UV exposure which was probably responsible for the reduction in eczema and allergies but they said that  more research was needed to establish the exact reason.

Other factors that could be responsible are temperature and infectious diseases, which differ according to hours and frequency of sunlight.

However researchers warned that any form of sunburn or sun aggravation on eczema prone skin would almost certainly have a negative effect and that parents of children with eczema should take extreme care to make sure their skin is not burned or over exposed to sun.



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