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Cardiospermum Gel

Defensil Rescue Serum Review

Defensil Rescue Serum contains a natural plant steroid that Swiss scientists claim is as effective as steroids for relieving itchy skin caused by eczema. Skin Magazine asked a Skin Shop customer and eczema tester to try Defensil and give us their verdict; What is in Defensil? Defensil combines two key natural ingredients. A concentrated extract from Cardiospermum seeds […]

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Hand eczema linked to stress

New research by the National Eczema Society has revealed 80% cent of newly diagnosed work-related skin problems are due to hand eczema.  Approximately six million people in theUKsuffer from hand eczema, which is characterised by swollen, cracked and blistered skin.  Alexandra Gray, 33, is a teacher from Ashbourne in Derbyshire and suffers from severe hand […]

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Nothing worked for Kate’s eczema.

Kate had suffered eczema all her life until she tried a gel containing an extract from the balloon vine. BY Kate 8 December, 2009 “I have had eczema since birth and when I was very little I wore gloves all the time because of scratching myself so much. It used to really upset my Mum as people […]

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How to prevent summer holiday health woes

While a holiday is a time for relaxation and recuperation, it can also be a trigger for illness and health problems due to sudden changes in climate and diet, as well as increased levels of stress and dehydration from travelling. BY Amy Anderson 5 July, 2007 Here are some common summer holiday ailments and how you […]

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