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Echinacea Advice

Question: I am very prone to colds and my friend has suggested I use a natural herbal remedy such as Echinacea to boost my immune system. However, is Echinacea suitable for frequent use? 17 September, 2008 – 07:12 Answer: Britain is renowned for being the country of the common cold and early indications are that this […]

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Colds and Flu: Advice and how to tell the difference

Question: I always get the sniffles around this time of year, but I never know whether I’m suffering from a cold or the flu. What’s the difference and how can I tell? 16 September, 2008 Answer: Generally speaking, a cold starts gradually, raising your body temperature slightly after the first 24 hours. Your appetite will […]

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How to avoid back to school ill health

Although the summer holidays haven’t even arrived yet, many parents will already be planning for their children’s return back to school after the summer break. BY Amy Anderson 5 July, 2007 But apart from new uniforms, hair cuts and sharpened pencils, parents can also do a great deal to help prepare and protect their children’s health for […]

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