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Escape the curse of dry winter skin

Dry winter skin is a common problem during colder weather. Dry, flaky and  eczema prone skin gets worse in winter due to lower humidity outside and moisture-draining central heating inside. However there are several surprisingly simple do’s and dont’s to help minimise skin moisture loss during the harsh winter months and banish dry winter skin. […]

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Soap is making a comeback for dry skin

Soaps used to be considered old fashioned and bad for dry skin. But now soaps with milder and more natural ingredients are gaining popularity again with many people preferring them to shower gels and liquid cleansers. According to recent  reports beauty buyers and sellers, soaps give customers a greater feeling of luxury and value and […]

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A hip secret for glowing and younger looking skin

A new secret skin remedy for dry skin and fine lines being used increasingly by celebrities including Gywneth Paltrow,Victoria Beckham and Miranda Kerr, is rosehip oil. Derived from the wild rose bushes that grow in the Chilean Andes, the oil’s benefits have been known by the indigenous population for hundreds of years. Extracted from the […]

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Menopause Must-Have Skin Savers

Your skin goes through several dramatic changes during the menopause due to sudden hormonal fluctuations. Skin can suddenly change to being spottier, drier and more sensitive However with some careful and targeted preparation, you can minimise the changes your skin makes while going through the menopause. A Night Repair Cream Night creams become especially important […]

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Spring Skin Scares

Surprise Spring sun, plant blooms and frequently changing weather conditions can trigger a multitude of sensitive skin conditions. 1 in 10 visits to GP’s in Spring are due to skin problems. Spring sun is more dangerous than high summer sun as often it appears suddenly when you are not expecting it and does not feel […]

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Defensil Rescue Serum Review

Defensil Rescue Serum contains a natural plant steroid that Swiss scientists claim is as effective as steroids for relieving itchy skin caused by eczema. Skin Magazine asked a Skin Shop customer and eczema tester to try Defensil and give us their verdict; What is in Defensil? Defensil combines two key natural ingredients. A concentrated extract from Cardiospermum seeds […]

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Dry Eye Gel for dry and irritated skin around the eyes

  Dry Eye Gel is a natural gel for calming and soothing red, itchy, dry or inflamed skin around the eye and on the eyelids. In women, cosmetics and make up remover products are largely responsible for irritation, redness and itchiness around the eyes. In addition other eye conditions that affect men and women as well as […]

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