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How to avoid Autumn sensitive skin issues

Returning to catch up at work after a restful summer holiday, the onset of winter colds, more indoor living, and a dramatic change in the weather can all add up to making sensitive skin even more sensitive and lead to flare ups. But sensitive skin can be caused by a number of different factors, and […]

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Narcissism especially bad for men with psoriasis

 Men who have narcissistic personalities may be more prone to psoriasis, according to a new study. Both men and women can be narcissistic, however the study, carried out by researchers from the Universities of Michigan and Virginia, found that men experience far more negative reactions in their skin and health than women as a result. […]

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Emily finds a natural solution to her psoriasis

Emily, 25, went through misery with her psoriasis until she found a natural treatment which worked. BY Rebecca Laske 8 December, 2009 – 16:48 Emily Fisher, 25, a Marketing Manager, lives with her partner John Staples, 32, an Electrician in Sutton. Emily says: “I was devastated in November 2003 when I suddenly developed a horrible and painful […]

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Psoriasis – Guttate Psoriasis

What is Guttate psoriasis? BY Bruce Shane 6 July, 2007 Guttate psoriasis appears like lots of little drops of red rough patches over the skin. It often covers a much larger area of skin than plaque psoriasis as if the skin has been sprayed with droplets of paint. The treatment of guttate psoriasis is the same as plaque […]

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