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Liquorice & Melissa Rescue Gel

My honeymoon was ruined by cold sores

Tracey McDonald, 38, a bereavement officer and mum of two from Middleton in Leeds, tells her story on how cold sores have blighted most of her life and her relationships.             Tracey says, When I was a girl I got meningitis and almost died. Although I recovered from my illness […]

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My cold sores were ruining my life

Since she was a little girl Julie has suffered from severe cold sores. Julie would often get several cold sores at the same time which cover her lips and also large parts of her chin. Julie Davidson is a 21-year old beauty therapist from Queenferry in Scotland says; [quote]Some people talk about cold sores and they mean […]

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Soothe Your Summer Skin Problems

The increase in exercise, foreign travel and outdoor activities that summer brings might be great for your general health – but can spell trouble for your skin. 5 July, 2007 Here are some of the most common summer skin ailments, and how best to prevent and relieve them. Bug Bites Bites from mosquitoes and other […]

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