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Protein drug could be a natural answer to arthritis pain!

When the body naturally responds to inflammation such as joint swelling and pain from arthritis, the natural substance released is a certain type of protein.  Low levels of this type of response protein, called binding immunoglobulin protein, are found in people suffering from arthritis and joint inflammation. But scientists have now developed a natural synthetic […]

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Hawaii seaweed is new hope for arthritis

A pill made from seaweed that grows on the coral reefs in Hawaii could help treat the pain of arthritis, according to new research. A chemical released from the seaweed that cause coral to go white, also has potent anti-inflammatory properties, according to new research from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, published […]

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Most arthritis sufferers have to wait three years for diagnosis

A shocking new report has found that, on average, osteoarthritis sufferers have to wait three years to be diagnosed and referred for treatment. The charity Arthritis Care’s new report found that patients had to visit their doctor at least three times to be diagnosed with osteoarthritis and most suffered intolerable and constant pain for 2-3 […]

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