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How to handle problem skin on holiday

  While your body and mind may love everything that a holiday brings, skin prone to acne or rosacea as well as eczema-prone skin may not react as well. The sudden changes in temperature, diet and routine that usually come with any holiday, can be a nightmare for problem skin. But with careful handling and […]

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Why skin gets redder and drier in winter

  It’s a misconception that the summer is the worst time for skin prone to rosacea and redness. In fact, winter is more likely to make skin rage more. And new research proves why this is the case. A new study published in the British Journal of Dermatology (March 2018) shows that the skin’s Natural […]

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Are your cleansing culprits causing bad skin?

Cleansing is supposed to be the key to good skin. We are all told to do it religiously if we want to keep skin younger looking and healthy. But the way you cleanse and what you cleanse with could actually be giving you bad skin as well as prematurely ageing you. Here is our guide to […]

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New research finds link between eczema and skin bacteria

A link between eczema and skin bacteria has been found which could lead to new treatments for the condition which effects one in every five adults in the UK. The new study carried out at the University of Michigan Medical School in the US and published in the medical journal Nature, found that eczema suffers […]

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Summer Holiday Sensitive Skin Savers

Summer holidays are potentially the most problematic time for sensitive skin, and it’s not just because of the sun. Flights, increased stress, a break in your normal skincare routine, dehydration, hotel bath and skincare products, different bedding, increased use of SPF creams, chlorine from pools, abrasion from sand and salt, a change in diet, increased […]

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New research finds silver is a smart bomb for bugs and bacteria

New research has found that adding silver to antibiotics boots their effectiveness by up to 1000 times. Adding silver to antibiotics makes the structure of the bacteria more fragile allowing the antibiotic to penetrate the defence walls of bacteria more easily and kill it. The research, carried out at Boston University, indicates that this new […]

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