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Varicose Veins after Pregnancy Advice

Question: I have just had a baby and I have noticed that a vein behind my knee is starting to bulge. It is not only a little painful but is very unsightly and I feel embarrassed to show my legs off at all. Is there anything I can do to reduce the swelling, or will […]

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Varicose Veins advice

Question: I have visible veins on my legs, which I find embarrassing and unsightly, and also a few broken ‘thread veins’ on my face. Do you have any advice on reducing their appearance without surgery? BY Rebecca Laske 16 September, 2008 – 09:08 Answer: Indeed, there are two types of visible veins.  Firstly, there are those dark, bulging […]

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What your skin can tell you about your circulation

What your skin can tell you about your circulation Although bad circulation affects a huge percentage of people in the UK – it’s extremely hard to spot. Many of the most obvious symptoms of bad circulation (dizziness, DVT, heart problems etc) tend to occur only when the problem has reached a very serious level. However […]

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