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The Fall of the Flannel


The humble flannel was the mainstay of good skin care throughout history, but is now on the verge of extinction.

Since the 1960’s, sales of flannels have been on a gradual decline, but last year saw the lowest flannel sales ever.

Flannels have been replaced by disposable wipes and cleansing pads.

However beauty and skin experts are leaping to the defence of the once universally popular facial flannel, claiming they are kinder to skin, more natural, better at cleansing away dirt and more effective at removing make up that modern alternatives due to their weight and their ability to retain heat.

Department store Debenhams have decided to save the flannel from extinction and are launching a new campaign to encourage people to re-discover the benefits of washing their skin with a flannel.

[quote]They claim flannels are not only better for your skin, but are  more economical and environmental than modern disposable wipes and cleansing pads and are a forgotten secret for healthy skin..[/quote]



  • Rory Myles

    I was introduced to the flannel by my girlfriend. I ignored the strange piece of cloth hanging by the bathroom mirror for several months but having used it once I was a convert. As your article states, once you have run it under hot water it retains the warmth and it feels like it is very gently exfoliating without harshness. I still cleanse but less frequently and more often for sun cream removal.


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