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Virus that kills acne bacteria is discovered


A group of viruses could be used to kill the bacteria that causes acne, according to new research.

Typically antibiotics are used to try and control acne, but are often ineffective due to the acne bacteria building up a resistance to the antibiotics.

[quote]However the virus group known as phage viruses, carry a gene that makes a protein called endolysin, an enzyme that is thought to break down bacterial cell walls and kill the bacteria, according research published in the online journal for the American Society for Microbiology.[/quote]

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh in the US suggested that enzymes from phages could be used in topical form for treating acne and due to the extremely close similarity of the phage viruses, they would be strong and unified enough to fight the acne bacteria without it building up a resistance, as is the case with many topical antibiotics.



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