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New research finds silver is a smart bomb for bugs and bacteria


New research has found that adding silver to antibiotics boots their effectiveness by up to 1000 times.

silverAdding silver to antibiotics makes the structure of the bacteria more fragile allowing the antibiotic to penetrate the defence walls of bacteria more easily and kill it.

The research, carried out at Boston University, indicates that this new finding may be an aide to helping fight antibiotic resistant superbugs.

Silver has been used for centuries as an anti-bacterial agent. The Roman’s used t put silver coins in water to sterilise it and NASA put silver in water supplies in space to keep it clean.

However silver only works in small dose and when in combination with other agents.

The silver kills bacteria by making the structural mesh that binds the bacteria together more leaky, making the bacterial growth much weaker and less resistant either to antibiotics or to the body’s natural immune system cells.

Silver can help fight bacterial infection in many parts of the body including the bladder and stomach. It is also highly effective for use on the skin as a natural topical anti-bacterial treatment and is particularly effective at fighting infection of acne lesions and skin infections.

However unlike chemical anti-bacterial acne and skin treatments, silver skin treatment such as Skin Shop’s Silver Serum do not kill all skin bacteria, only the bad bacteria which leads to infection and puss, while preserving the good skin bacteria that keeps skin healthy and strong.


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